PUBLIKATION - MOINOPOLIS Issue Three: Observations

MOINOPOLIS | Laboratory of thoughts on spatial matters, erscheint im August 2015
Hrsg. Felix Hoepner/ Radostina Radulova 

MOINOPOLIS Issue Three: Observations

How can architecture and urban design thinking contribute to a critical discourse on security? How do physical and spatial attributes as well as strategies of social innovation relate to the rise and spread of digital technologies? How are perceptions of security being shaped in the urban space? In which ways and to what limits can the contemporary city provide security, and what is the role of architects and planners? 

With contributions from Selma Alihozic, Nicolay Boyadjiev,  Jesse Ganes, Felix Hoepner, Emmy Mikelson, Jessica Ngan, Radostina Radulova and Peter Yeadon.